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21-11-2019 18:00-19:45 Gareth Beddard
22-11-2019 17:00-18:45 Charlie Whyte
22-11-2019 19:00-20:45 Dreamcatcher Duo
22-11-2019 21:00-22:45 Danny Smith
23-11-2019 12:30-14:30 David Aryn
23-11-2019 17:00-18:45 Lewis
23-11-2019 19:00-20:45 Lauren Amour
23-11-2019 21:00-22:45 Dreamcatcher Duo
24-11-2019 16:00-18:45 Dan James McClew
24-11-2019 19:00-21:45 Steven Robertson

Hadrian’s Tipi returns to the North East. Hadrian’s will embody the history of the city’s Roman involvement alongside a unique food and drink.This truly is a one-of-a-kind venue which will be the talk of the town!


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